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Putting Your Best Face Forward….The Final Touch Day 3 May 4, 2013

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photo (27) So my story is….. I just got back from spending a glorious weekend in St. Tropez! Unfortunately, I fell asleep on the beach for three days! 🙂 As you can see, that’s about what I look like right now. I am following Dr. Haddle’s instructions to the letter. Washing my face 4 times a day and applying the occlusive ointment. It is slightly tender to the touch, but nothing unbearable. Similar to how a sunburn feels after a few days. I should start to experience some peeling today and there is a little bit of itchiness and tightness to the skin. The next picture is a close up so you can see what the skin looks like. I’m not sure how it will look on your computer. I can see tiny little dots all over my face from the laser. Or it looks like I slept on a screen. It’s very interesting to see how the skin repairs itself and the healing process it goes through. Our skin is such an amazing organ that protects us from so many things. We really take it for granted. Believe me, this skin is going to be treated even better than it has been from now on!

photo (28)


2 Responses to “Putting Your Best Face Forward….The Final Touch Day 3”

  1. tqchar74 Says:

    Awesome — Love your weekend story -:))
    you have been on quite the journey these past months. But looking into the months to come I know your going to continue to love the results. See you soon vacation girl !! ::))

  2. Nancy Morgenthaler-Geoppo Says:

    Looks good, take care!

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