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You are what you eat….and drink. June 17, 2013



You are what you eat… yup it really is that simple. Eating includes drinking in this case as well… so drop the sugary pro-inflammatory (aka pro-disease) drinks too please. Most people have the hardest time changing their diet. Note I didn’t say “going on a diet”. Healthy eating is a way of life… not something you do for a short period of time. Food is the fuel for our bodies. We need to stop and take a minute and examine what we are fueling up with and think about the effects what we consume will have down the road. When you know and realize that you are either feeding your body for proper function, or feeding disease processes, it isn’t as hard to make the right choices. It comes down to caring about yourself and making a conscience decision to be healthier. I’m not saying you have to be perfect, nobody is and you can’t be too hard on yourself when you make “less than desirable” choices, but at least make it a conscience one.

Dr. Kalli Prater, Chiropractic Internist

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