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Most “overweight” people are really malnourished… no really… July 3, 2013

Today I joined the Paleo Physicians Network, you will be able to locate me and other like minded physicians who are all about getting back to the basics! Because I like the “Keep It Simple Stupid” method! There’s no need to get complicated.

Below is a link to a simple 3 minute explanation as to why we get fat, and yes, this is pretty much what happens to most of us, even those who think they’re doing the “right things” and still gaining those pounds while working their tail ends off:

Most people gain weight because when it comes down to it, they’re not eating real food and their body DEMANDS the proper nutrients to function. Plain and simple. If you supply the body with the proper fuels it is easier to lose weight and you feel better- because you’re body isn’t in starvation mode all the time!


Don’t think this is the case?? Next time you feel hungry after you’ve done all your “dieting” I want you to try this…. Replace all your snacks and grain consumption with vegetables. To consume the same amount of calories in vegetables as you do in pasta or a hamburger (eat lean meats those are great) is SO MUCH that you could eat a pound of veggies and still not come close to the amount of calories other Processed Products pack in a single serving (guess what you probably had more than 1 serving too).


Getting back to basics and making lifestyle changes REALISTIC and MANAGEABLE is what I’m all about. It isn’t easy but I’m here to make it happen, one small step at a time. You’re not going to change overnight-and if you did you might not make it a WAY OF LIFE, so progress at a slow and steady pace is great. After a while you’ll realize how great you feel and I’ll have to remind you of how far you’ve come and how crappy you felt to keep you motivated, but that’s for me to worry about and not you.


In short- I’m here to make the tough stuff easier, make you want to embrace a new lifestyle, and make your quality of life so much better than you ever realized. That’s my passion, that’s my goal, and my driving force.


It all starts with a SMALL step in the right direction. Please, call Tranquility Natural Medicine at 630-762-9864 and schedule your appointment today so we can start working on a healthier, happier you!!

Health & Happiness,

Dr. Kalli Prater, DCDr Kalli


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