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Kelly’s Top 10 Reasons to Drink Green Smoothies August 15, 2013

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Kelly Brubaker, Tranquility’s Wellness Coach believes that in order to achieve permanent and positive changes in your life it must be done slowly… one step at a time.  She can guide and implement a customized wellness program to suit your needs and lifestyle.  And one way to achieve wellness is by incorporating Green Smoothies into your life.


At Tranquility’s FREE Wellness Wednesday Workshop, Kelly demonstrated for a group of 20 ladies just how easy making a Green Smoothie can be and how delicious they taste.  Even the most sceptic in the room was pleasantly surprised by how good the Blueberry Blast Smoothie tasted…. and surprise, surprise it was loaded with spinach and kale!

Here are Kelly’s Top 10 Reasons to Drink Green Smoothies:

1. BEST way to get more greens into your diet!


3. Green Smoothies are blended greens that are already somewhat predigested.  So, when you drink them the nutrients are more available to be absorbed by the body.

4. Excellent source of protein and calcium.

5. Helps to alkalize the body.

6. Good Mood!

7. Better digestion

8. Weight Management

9. More Energy


If you have questions or just need a little help with implementing Green Smoothies and how to achieve optimal health. Ask Coach Kelly.  She can be contacted at Tranquility Spa and Wellness Center at 630.762.9864.  If you missed this workshop, not to worry there will be more!!!

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