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The Misconception of “Food” August 21, 2013

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When discussing dietary changes with individuals one question always seems to come up:

“If I can’t have Gluten/Dairy/Ect then what am I supposed to eat??”

The answer is always a simple one, and one that most don’t like to hear:

“REAL food. Meat, Fruit, Vegetables. Food with actual NUTRIENTS”

As good as pasta and sandwiches are the major component in each is very nutrient VOID. Even gluten free bread isn’t “great” for you. It’s still processed and a product and defeats the purpose of adopting a gluten free/ anti-inflammatory lifestyle.

Get back to the foods with the nutrients, that what your body NEEDS. And it can taste as boring or as amazing as you want it too!!

Be creative in your cooking, variety is the spice of life! Try something new and start EATING TO LIVE INSTEAD OF LIVING TO EAT. Your body, mind, and future self will thank you for the change!

So keep this in mind next time you’re eating:

FOOD= will spoil quickly if not cooked or properly stored (i.e. FRESH,RAW,EXPIRES QUICK)

PROCESSED PRODUCT= anything in a box, bag, package that wouldn’t exist on it’s own if someone/ something didn’t put it together that way.(i.e. it didn’t grow or walk on this earth!) 

-Dr. Kalli


One Response to “The Misconception of “Food””

  1. Josh Lazzari Says:

    Great article. Make healthy food taste great. It sounds like hard work and complicated, however, I have found with meal planning, it’s pretty easy. Sure, the first little bit takes a bit of work researching recipes and figuring out what spices you have and what you’ll need. But, after meal planning for a few weeks or months, you will find that you have your favorite recipes for healthy foods memorized and your shelves stocked with the correct spices. Now, meal planning saves time, money and the wasting of food!

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