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by Sharen Thoke, Tranquility Nailtech

Unfortunately many people think that “Foot Beauty” is solely about nail polish shades.
When we say “beauty” we are not just talking about pretty pink toenails.  We are also referring to the proper maintenance and hygiene habits that everyone should have in order have healthy, good looking feet.

When done regularly, a pedicure aids in foot health by preventing a number of nail diseases, fungi, and disorders as well as reduces any dirt or skin buildup on the foot that could cause later complications and discomfort.

Fall is here!  And soon winter will be upon us.  Which means, that your feet need care more than ever!  You don’t want to head down that slippery slope of letting you’re self go in the colder months only to play catch up all spring and summer!


Tranquility Nail Room

Tranquility Nail Room

I know what you’re thinking…, “It’s winter and it’s cold and my feet are going to be tucked away all snug in my socks and boots, no one will even see them and I heard that it’s good to let your nails “breathe” anyways.  What benefit could a winter pedicure possibly give me?”

Well  I am going to let you in on something you may or may not know…
Skin is typically dull and extremely dry in the winter months.  Your lips get chapped.  You may notice that the skin around your nails is peeling, you are constantly applying lotion to no avail and you may even experience slight pain or irritation due to the dryness of your skin.  That’s because skin tends to lose valuable nutrients such as water and is in need of more moisture to continue to thrive.  Your feet are no exception.  Sloughing off dead skin prevents cells from accumulating and causing bunions or corns which can be painful and have a serious impact on the way you walk.

Preserving the skins moisture is critical.  It helps the skin keep it’s integrity so you are much less likely to get blisters, cracks or other problems.  If you ignore them long enough, the dry callousy parts of your feet can actually crack and bleed and then you have real problems.  Just GOOGLE “Heel Fissures”.  Go ahead, I’ll wait…You can thank me later 😉 It is also important to keep cuticles moistened because it can damage the matrix of the nail, which is at the very base.

By now it has probably somewhat sunken in that you should start taking care of your tootsies ASAP.  You may even be saying to yourself, “Ok this girl has definitely got me thinking about purchasing some foot lotion for the harsh winter we’re predicted to have so I am for sure stocking up next time I go to Target!”  NOT SO FAST!!!  Moisturizing is only ONE part of a good pedicure!  How about your toenails?  Most people have to turn into contortionists just to clip their toenails, let alone “shape” them or file them to remove jagged edges.  Many people trim their nails too short or at an angle and leave the un- filed to rip and tear because they’re hard to reach.  All these things set you up for ingrown toenails which are very painful and can cause serious infections if left untreated.  A regular pedicure gives warning of early signs of conditions including corns, bunions and even fungal infections which are notorious for starting under a damaged (stubbed) toe after the trauma causes the nail plate to lift from the nail bed.  It’s also a opportunity to let your feet breath and come summer your feet will already be looking fabulous and you’ll have no need for sandal panic!

Get this fun fact too… The average woman takes 8,000-10,000 steps/day and that doesn’t even take in to account additional exercise!  Then consider the types of shoes we subject our feet to and it’s no wonder so many women are addicted to getting their monthly pedicure!

It is true that “Spa” pedicures are a bigger indulgence.   But the foot massage and attention to detail makes it worth every penny!  Just think of it as a much needed mini-getaway from your hectic life.  Let a licensed Nail Technician take care of your feet for you, we are skilled, trained and familiar with ALL types of feet.  Dana, Christy and I have all been in the nail industry for 10+ years and Tranquility meets all of the proper EPA and CDC guidelines for preventing pedicure and foot spa infections so you can completely relax and enjoy your service.

Try our Vitamin C/C-Results Pedicure by Murad which is scientifically proven to reduce visible damage in just one application.  This antioxidant rich treatment restores elasticity and radiance, brightens and rejuvenates environmentally damaged skin on hands, arms, feet and legs. It’s great for sun damage, age spots and excessive skin cell buildup.  This pedicure also comes with warm paraffin …a MUST in the winter!

We use a body firming cream and masque which improves resiliency and tone by:
*Increasing body firmness by 20% in just 10 minutes.
*Restoring maximum moisture

Patented ultrarich body cream keeps skin young and supple.
*Vitamin C increases skin elasticity and radiance.
*Oat and beta glucan and soy flour firm and tone the skin.
*Shea butter provides intense hydration to dry skin.

Pretty doesn’t just mean polished! See you at Tranquility!

Health & Happiness,



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