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Week 2 down! I can’t keep up! September 25, 2017

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Thank you for all the comments, prayers and well wishes. It’s been another amazing week. I’ve had some ups and downs this week, which I was told to expect. A little more tired and not as energetic. Saturday, I had a little bit of stomach issues, but it went away later in the day.

I know I left everyone in suspense about the Stem Cell facial! That was the most exciting thing that happened last week! Laura is the esthetician at the clinic and she is wonderful. She is very knowledgable and is also a massage therapist. The treatment starts with a gentle cleansing. She then applied a numbing cream that she massaged into the skin for a few minutes. She covered my face with plastic wrap to help the numbing cream penetrate. After about 10 minutes, she rinsed that off. She applied the stem cell serum to the areas she would use the micro-needling. She started on my forehead and worked on the lines between my eyes. The micro-needling helps to penetrate the stem cells deeper in to the skin. It feels a little prickly, but doesn’t hurt. She continued applying stem cell serum around my eyes, mouth, marionette lines and even worked on my scars from my facelift. The stem cells work to increase collagen and elastin production to smooth and tighten the skin. Again, they will continue to work for several months to improve the lines and wrinkles. That process took about 30 minutes or so. In the meantime, the nurse came in to draw blood so they could spin my blood in a centrifuge to separate the plasma.  This is called PRP, or platelet rich plasma. It helps with tissue repair and is much more natural than using synthetic fillers or Botox since it somes from your own blood. Then she took the plasma and began injecting it into the lines like Botox. Since my skin was still numb it was not uncomfortable at all. Afterwards, I had some areas of swelling and redness. Laura had me take some Arnica pellets and within 2 hours it was calmed down for the most part. I am so fascinated by this treatment. Obviously it’s not as relaxing as our facials at Tranquility, but I’d love to be able to do this at the spa!!! I’m going to have two more of these facials while I’m here, so I can get a better idea of how good the results really are! Again, I’m always willing to take one for the team!! HeHe!

We said goodbye to our dear patient who was here for 6 weeks. The improvement in her even in the two weeks that I’ve been here is amazing. She has something similar to MS and is in a wheelchair, but on Thursday she was able to walk with a walker!!! I am so happy for her and she is very proud of herself. We will keep in touch and I hope she continues to improve over the next 6 months. She will probably need to come back, but I know she will be stronger than ever.

I tried to take pictures a few hours after my facial to show you the improvement. Sorry, it was a little difficult to get a good selfie! Unfortunately, we forgot to take before pics. But, as you can see the lines around my eyes are barely visible and the marionette lines from my nose to mouth are drastically diminished. It’s truly amazing! You can still see some redness and the spots from the injections. My left cheek is a little swollen also. I will post side by sides after my next treatment.







5 Responses to “Week 2 down! I can’t keep up!”

  1. JoAnn Cregier Says:

    So proud of you! Thanks for your updates. Very promising. Hang tough!

  2. Delores Says:

    Glad to get updates. Keep up the great work.

  3. Sandra Medchill Says:

    Glad to hear things are going well! Stay strong!

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