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Week 3, getting stronger everyday! September 28, 2017

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Hi Everyone,

After the first two weeks of treatment consisting of detoxing, with chelation therapy IV’s, tinctures and natural supplements, week three starts the Vitamin C infusions. VitC as we all know, helps to boost your immune system. By receiving it through an IV it is much more potent. When you have a disease like Chronic Lyme, your immune system is pretty weak because of all the parasites, bacteria and mold. I also have Epstein Barre Virus which causes severe fatigue and pain.  Stem cells continue everyday at 20 million per IV!!! Lets see, that means I’ve received something close to 300 million wonderful stem cells!! Incredible!

The best news of the week was when Dr. Brigitte met with me to go over my most recent blood work. My white blood count has been low for a couple years now. It was 3.5 when I got here and it is now up to 4. Still slightly out of range, but going in the right direction. She wants it to be at 4.7 by the time I leave and says the VitC infusions will definitely boost it. Then……. My cholesterol has also been on the higher end at 292. Believe it or not, with the Ozone treatments (blood filtering where I could actually see the fat coming out!), as well as the detox and healthy diet at the clinic,  it is now 189!!! I almost fell over. Most of the parasites and bacteria are gone. There’s some stubborn mold and virus’s left, but again the powerhouse VitC will hopefully take care of that. Since I am going to be here another week for recovery, the doctor is going to continue treatment for a few more days to make sure we get the best results.

The fatigue and achiness that I have experienced over the last 10 years is absolutely gone! I am getting my strength and stamina back. When we first got here I could barely go for a 15 minute walk, nevermind getting up this gigantic hill to my condo without stopping a time or two. The last few nights I’ve gone on 30-60 minutes walks, up and down hills with a huge smile on my face 🙂 I am ME again!!!

Thank you everyone! I am so grateful to all of you for your support and prayers!

Buenos Noches 🙂


14 Responses to “Week 3, getting stronger everyday!”

  1. carol Says:

    Amazing news! So happy for you! Wishing you a wonderful final week and a safe trip back!

  2. Jean Blake Says:

    Now that’s really good news. 🙏

  3. Leigh Orchard Says:

    This post leaves me feeling absolutely elated for you Bev. What a blessing this treatment has been for you. Tears of joy for you as you continue your treatment and spend recovery time in such a wonderful place. God Bless:))

    • relaxattranquility Says:

      Leigh, you are so sweet and kind. Thank you for your beautiful comments and support. This has truly been a miracle and blessing from God

  4. Kathy Coe Mizgalski Says:

    Bev…this is such great news. Now for the strong finish!! So happy you are getting such excellent results. See you soon!
    Kathy Mizgalski

  5. Mindy Says:

    Unbelievable!! That is such great news and totally amazing. Why don’t we have this kind of treatment in the US? So glad to hear your feeling good.

  6. Delores Says:

    Sounds fantastic. So glad things are getting so much better. Sooo happy for you. Keep up the good work. Praying that your progress will get better every day and you will get stronger than ever. Sending hugs


  7. J zimmer Says:

    Bev so happy for you!! Glad you are feeling so good😄

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