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The Finale October 11, 2017

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My official treatment ended last Saturday, September 30, but the Brigitte suggested that I  continue getting stem cells and have another ozone treatment since I was going to be here another week. Dr. Brigitte’s compassion and determination for getting people well is truly her passion. So, I spent most of my days last week at the clinic getting stem cells, having physiotherapy and doing the Photon machine. The stem cell facials I received were complimentary from Brigitte because she wanted me to be able to explain the treatments to my clients and for everyone to be able to see what a difference they make. We’ll let you be the judge when I get back 🙂

I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I am a new person! My energy and stamina are better than they’ve been in years. My brain is actually working again and creating all sorts of crazy new ideas. I can organize my thoughts, and words actually come out of my mouth that make sense! As far as the test results go, my white blood count is up to  4.3 (closer to the 4.7 goal). My TSH was still low also but up to .22 from .01!!! All the parasites and bacteria are gone!!! So amazing!  There is still a slight level of mold so I will continue some supplements to help remove that. As Brigitte explains, the stem cells will continue to improve these issues over the next 3-6 months. I will have blood work done in 6 months to see the improvement.

In closing this one month journey, I must say I have left my heart in San Jose del Cabo! The staff at the clinic were amazing. I will miss them terribly. The patients I met shared their life stories with me and we became connected through healing as well as pain. I have learned that in the toughest of times, there is always hope and that kindness and a simple smile can change a person’s day. We need kindness, compassion and understanding to help us all heal.  I am so grateful for this experience of healing. I look forward to passing on any information that will help others recover from illness. Please forward this to anyone you know who could benefit from the information.  I am happy to help wherever I can. Thank you all for following this blog and for your unending support and encouragement. My journey has not ended, it has only just begun…..



11 Responses to “The Finale”

  1. Lois Hince Says:

    Very glad that the steps you’ve taken last month in your life’s journey have led to better health. Hope you continue to improve with each new day.

  2. JoAnn Cregier Says:

    This is just wonderful news!! Best always.

  3. Says:

    Congrats BEV! SO happy to see you smiling!

    • relaxattranquility Says:

      Thank you Sheila! Can’t wait to share the stories with you. Thanks for all your support and encouraging words over the last several months
      xoxo Bev

  4. Delores Says:

    You look fantastic. Beautiful smile. So happy for you.

  5. Sandra Efstathiou Says:

    You look amazing Bev! You’re such an inspiration. Very happy for your healing.

  6. nnatale326 Says:

    Hi Bev! In my research on Stemaid I stumbled on your blog. I am hoping to go there for treatment for chronic Lyme as well. How are you feeling? Would love to hear how you’re doing now and any recommendations on traveling there!

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