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The Tranquil Bride February 7, 2015

Will you be one of the 2.5 million brides to walk down the aisle this year? If so then chances are the stress involved in planning a wedding is in full swing. There is so much that goes into planning a wedding, but don’t neglect one of the most important things of all…you!!! Every bride wants to look and feel her best on the day of her wedding so here is a complete time line to get yourself ready for the big day!
wedding6-12 Months before the wedding-
Now is a great time to start thinking about your skin and how you want it to glow the day of your wedding! Not only your face, but your whole body. Start with regular monthly facials to focus on deep cleaning, exfoliation and hydration. If you’re trying to clear specific issues such as acne, pigmentation, or fine lines and wrinkles, consider doing light chemical peels to get your skin in it’s best shape ever. At this point it is a great idea to invest in a quality skin care system that you can also do at home as maintenance along side your professional treatments. Your skin will have the best results with at home care, as well as professional care.
Now is also a great time to start thinking about your back, shoulders, and arms. All those areas that will be visible when you’re in your gown. Doing monthly body scrub treatments will keep skin soft, smooth and looking healthy!
3 Months before the wedding-
Start deciding on what you want your make up to look like. Meet with several makeup artists to see which one suits you best. Bring pictures of what you envision your look to be.  It’s usually a good idea to have one to two trial runs with your makeup to make sure that it’s perfect. Take pictures of yourself after each one and analyze them to see what you like and what you’d like to change. That way there are no surprises on the day of. At this point you will want to schedule your appointment for the day of the wedding. This is not something you want to procrastinate on.
If you’re considering a sunless tan for the wedding you will want to start doing trial runs for this also. No bride wants to walk down the aisle with streaks, or orange skin. Take into consideration the cut of your gown and the colors chosen for your makeup so that everything balances itself out.
Waxing! When to wax depends on how fast your hair grows and how sensitive your skin is. If you’ve never waxed before, now is a good time to start. You want to know ahead of time what potential reactions you could have, how red you’ll be, will you have temporary bumps or blemishes from waxing. Like your make-up and hairstyle, you will want to do a few trial runs with your wax as well. Your final waxing should be done no sooner and no less than 7-10 days before the wedding. Make sure you refrain from any antibiotics, steroids, retinols, and make sure that you are not sunburned, all which can cause irritation, and skin lifting. If a waxing mishap should occur, you’ve allowed yourself time for the skin to heal.
1 Month before the Wedding-
Tranquility Nail Room

Tranquility Nail Room

Nail Care

Start doing weekly manicures to get your hands ready for photos…and that new ring! Decide what you will be doing color? French? No-chip? That way you can be prepared. The same care and attention needs to be given to your feet as well!
Eye Lash Extensions      .
Brides love doing eyelash extension for several reasons. They look and feel natural, they last 2-3 weeks so they’re perfect not only for the wedding day, but also the honeymoon, you can choose different lengths for a more dramatic look and best of all they stay put if crying should occur, and since you won’t have to wear mascara you won’t have to worry about runny black streaks down your cheeks!
If you’re interested in having eye lash extensions done for your wedding, it is recommended that you have the initial lash set applied 2 weeks prior to your wedding and then have your final touch-up done 1-2 days before the wedding. Doing a trial run ensures that you don’t have any reactions  to the eyelash adhesive and that the length and look is exactly what you want!
The body always looks it’s best on the outside when it looks good on the inside. While you should be doing the following year round, it’s imperative to do it consistently as your wedding day approaches.
Make sure to get plenty of water, plenty of sleep and try to keep stress to a minimum(I know that part seems impossible).
Load up on fruits and veggies, and lay off as much salt as possible to reduce any bloating and water weight gain.
Make time for exercise , meditation, or yoga to relax you.
The day of-
You’ve worked very hard over the last year! Your day will be here and gone in the blink of an eye. Enjoy every moment and don’t sweat the small stuff! Get Tranquil at Tranquility!!! Check out all that Tranquility Spa & Wellness Center has to offer by clicking here!
Health and Happiness,
Nikki, Tranquility Esthetician
Tranquility Spa and Wellness Center Logo113 N. Second Ave
St. Charles, IL 60174


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by Sharen Thoke, Tranquility Nailtech

Unfortunately many people think that “Foot Beauty” is solely about nail polish shades.
When we say “beauty” we are not just talking about pretty pink toenails.  We are also referring to the proper maintenance and hygiene habits that everyone should have in order have healthy, good looking feet.

When done regularly, a pedicure aids in foot health by preventing a number of nail diseases, fungi, and disorders as well as reduces any dirt or skin buildup on the foot that could cause later complications and discomfort.

Fall is here!  And soon winter will be upon us.  Which means, that your feet need care more than ever!  You don’t want to head down that slippery slope of letting you’re self go in the colder months only to play catch up all spring and summer!


Tranquility Nail Room

Tranquility Nail Room

I know what you’re thinking…, “It’s winter and it’s cold and my feet are going to be tucked away all snug in my socks and boots, no one will even see them and I heard that it’s good to let your nails “breathe” anyways.  What benefit could a winter pedicure possibly give me?”

Well  I am going to let you in on something you may or may not know…
Skin is typically dull and extremely dry in the winter months.  Your lips get chapped.  You may notice that the skin around your nails is peeling, you are constantly applying lotion to no avail and you may even experience slight pain or irritation due to the dryness of your skin.  That’s because skin tends to lose valuable nutrients such as water and is in need of more moisture to continue to thrive.  Your feet are no exception.  Sloughing off dead skin prevents cells from accumulating and causing bunions or corns which can be painful and have a serious impact on the way you walk.

Preserving the skins moisture is critical.  It helps the skin keep it’s integrity so you are much less likely to get blisters, cracks or other problems.  If you ignore them long enough, the dry callousy parts of your feet can actually crack and bleed and then you have real problems.  Just GOOGLE “Heel Fissures”.  Go ahead, I’ll wait…You can thank me later 😉 It is also important to keep cuticles moistened because it can damage the matrix of the nail, which is at the very base.

By now it has probably somewhat sunken in that you should start taking care of your tootsies ASAP.  You may even be saying to yourself, “Ok this girl has definitely got me thinking about purchasing some foot lotion for the harsh winter we’re predicted to have so I am for sure stocking up next time I go to Target!”  NOT SO FAST!!!  Moisturizing is only ONE part of a good pedicure!  How about your toenails?  Most people have to turn into contortionists just to clip their toenails, let alone “shape” them or file them to remove jagged edges.  Many people trim their nails too short or at an angle and leave the un- filed to rip and tear because they’re hard to reach.  All these things set you up for ingrown toenails which are very painful and can cause serious infections if left untreated.  A regular pedicure gives warning of early signs of conditions including corns, bunions and even fungal infections which are notorious for starting under a damaged (stubbed) toe after the trauma causes the nail plate to lift from the nail bed.  It’s also a opportunity to let your feet breath and come summer your feet will already be looking fabulous and you’ll have no need for sandal panic!

Get this fun fact too… The average woman takes 8,000-10,000 steps/day and that doesn’t even take in to account additional exercise!  Then consider the types of shoes we subject our feet to and it’s no wonder so many women are addicted to getting their monthly pedicure!

It is true that “Spa” pedicures are a bigger indulgence.   But the foot massage and attention to detail makes it worth every penny!  Just think of it as a much needed mini-getaway from your hectic life.  Let a licensed Nail Technician take care of your feet for you, we are skilled, trained and familiar with ALL types of feet.  Dana, Christy and I have all been in the nail industry for 10+ years and Tranquility meets all of the proper EPA and CDC guidelines for preventing pedicure and foot spa infections so you can completely relax and enjoy your service.

Try our Vitamin C/C-Results Pedicure by Murad which is scientifically proven to reduce visible damage in just one application.  This antioxidant rich treatment restores elasticity and radiance, brightens and rejuvenates environmentally damaged skin on hands, arms, feet and legs. It’s great for sun damage, age spots and excessive skin cell buildup.  This pedicure also comes with warm paraffin …a MUST in the winter!

We use a body firming cream and masque which improves resiliency and tone by:
*Increasing body firmness by 20% in just 10 minutes.
*Restoring maximum moisture

Patented ultrarich body cream keeps skin young and supple.
*Vitamin C increases skin elasticity and radiance.
*Oat and beta glucan and soy flour firm and tone the skin.
*Shea butter provides intense hydration to dry skin.

Pretty doesn’t just mean polished! See you at Tranquility!

Health & Happiness,



My body, myself! November 18, 2013

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Nikki, our wonderful esthetician shared this story with us from #FamilyCircle Magazine and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

I want to make peace with my body. I want to love it. I don’t mean that I want to improve my body and then love it. I don’t want to weight train it into submission or lotion away my cellulite or train for a triathlon. I know these efforts are healthy for some people, but to me, too much improvement just feels like more war.

I’m nearing 40 and that seems about time to get over believing that I’m not good enough yet. It’s probably time to accept that the people telling me I’m not good enough are all trying to sell me something. A revolutionary workout! Miraculous cream! A new juicer! Improved cross-trainers! I have a friend who’s always running. Running, running, running like she’s trying to escape from something. Aging, maybe? Death? She runs for the same reasons I write, I guess. She tried to get me to jog with her recently by saying, “G, every mile you run adds five minutes to your life.” No thank you, I said. I’m not a mathematician, but I’d rather have 12 more minutes now than five extra minutes when I’m 90.


By making it to 40, we’ve earned the right to laugh at that “improve yourself!” advice and tune into a message that actually interests us. Forty is when we start running out of folks we have to impress, thank God. It may also be the year that I finally give myself permission to start thinking more about what I’m looking at instead of what I’m looking like.

So wheI say I want to love my body, what I mean is that I want to learn to appreciate and honor this part of me—my body—that helps me do what I do and know what I know. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to lose myself in some of my life’s most astonishing moments: the smell of my little one’s neck after a bath, the reassuring touch of my eldest’s tweeny arms wrapped around me, the velvety sensation of warm ocean water lapping my toes, and the weight of my puppies on my legs at night making me feel so safe and grounded.

It’s amazing how wisdom sometimes starts on the surface of our skin anhen settles so deeply into our minds and hearts. It’s been good to me, this body. And so I want to take some time to make intentional peace with it, because I’ve not honored it in the past. As a matter of fact, I’ve abused, ridiculed and taken it for granted for decades. I need to make amends. My body is owed an apology.

Now I’m 37. My kids are growing up and away a little. I figure I have 15 years until I head into menopause and my body reinvents itself yet again. And so it’s time—now—to make friends with her. It’s time to get to know her before it’s too late. When you’re trying to get acquainted with someone, it’s best to spend some one-on-one time together. So, first, my body and I, we’re heading to yoga. I don’t know much about yoga yet, but it seems like a peaceful, loving way for my body and me to get to know each other.

I was also thinking that nothing hurts a new friendship like mistrust—I will do my best to avoid talking behind my body’s back. No more put-downs about height, no more jokes about leftover baby belly. There will just be gentleness and appreciation for all we’ve been through together.

Here’s hoping that this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. It’s about time.




You Put a Tattoo Where? September 18, 2013

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It may sound a little crazy, but more and more women are getting cosmetic tattoos on their faces.  Yes, permanent makeup has been a long-lasting solution for many women who are trying to simplify their lives.



Compelling reasons to get permanent makeup:


  • To save time getting ready by not having to draw on your eyebrows, eyeliner or lips every morning.
  • If you cannot wear conventional cosmetics due to allergies and skin sensitivities.
  • If you have sparse eyebrows and eyelashes due to heredity, alopecia, chemotherapy treatments, accidents or burns.
  • For the convenience of makeup that won’t smudge, smear or sweat off due to an active lifestyle.
  • If you’re seeking camouflage of scars from burns, cosmetic surgery, cleft lips or injuries.
  • If you have difficulty applying makeup because of poor eyesight, arthritis or unsteady hands due to Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis or stroke.



Ultimately, permanent makeup just makes life easier!  When you can wake up and head straight to the gym or your job without having to put your “face” on, it leaves so much more time to do the things you want to do.  The best part is that permanent makeup is intended to look as natural as possible so no one will ever know you’ve had it done. You decide whether or not you want to share your best beauty secret!



Amy HornstromAmy Hornstrom,  Your permanent makeup specialist

Call 630.762.9864 to schedule!

For more details about permanent makeup, click here.






Happy 13th Birthday Tranquility! September 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Tranquility! 13 years of growth from a one-woman show to a house of many! On September 5, 2000, Beverly Miller, Esthetician, opened the doors to Tranquility Skin & Body Care at the Stone House in downtown St. Charles, IL.  “I was everyone- receptionist, esthetician and cleaning lady,” stated Beverly.  By 2003, Tranquility moved into a larger space to accommodate the growing staff  of another esthetician, a nail tech and a general manager/business partner, Loreta Lescelius.

Now known as Tranquility Spa and Wellness Center, Beverly’s vision has continued to expand into the present 4000 square-foot space at 113 N. Second Avenue, St. Charles, IL, adding an infrared sauna & steam shower, yoga sanctuary, and multiple treatment rooms.  No longer “just a spa”, Tranquility has blossomed into a haven for beauty, health and wellness.

113 N 2nd Ave

Tranquility was built on Beverly’s principle that, “Taking care of the skin is a lifelong commitment.  It’s taking care of the skin and aging gracefully… It’s about health and wellness.”  Relax at Tranquility with services including:

Tranquility logoSpa Servicesrelaxation

Skin Care & Waxing

Massage Therapy

Natural Nail Care

Eye Lash Extensions

Infrared Sauna & Steam

Tranquility logoWellness Serviceshealing

Chiropractic Care

Natural Medicine


Yoga Therapy & Classes


Energy Healing

Tranquility logoAdditional Servicessupport

Permanent Make-up

Sound Healing & Meditation

Wellness Workshops

As a THANK YOU to all the supportive and loyal patrons, Tranquility is offering a 13% discount on select products each month for the entire year!  During September all Anti-Aging products and serums are 13% off.  “Like” Tranquility Spa & Wellness Center on Facebook to find out about upcoming sales, promotions, events and for knowledge & inspiration.

Here’s to another 13 years and beyond!

Health & Happiness,

Dr. Emily Loveland, DC



Putting Your Best Face Forward…The Final Touch 1 Month May 30, 2013

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I am still alive and kicking! I can’t believe it’s been one month since my laser peel. My skin is feeling and looking fabulous. I am being very careful not to get any sun on my face, so if you see some lady walking around St. Charles in a big beach sun hat1 month peel, just honk and wave 🙂  It’s just me out on a walk.1 month peel side

This is me!! No make-up at all. I realize it is hard to tell from these pictures, but the texture of my skin is soft and smooth. The lines around my eyes and mouth are almost completely gone. The hyper-pigmentation is considerably improved. It is truly amazing.

Today,  Amy Hornstrom, our permanent make-up specialist, is going to enhance my eyebrows. As you can see from the picture, they are a little sparce in areas. I usually fill them in with powder on a daily basis, so this will save a step in my regimen.  I am really looking forward to seeing the end result and sharing this with all of you as well. after eyebrowsBefore (below) and directly after (right) . Looks Amazing !!!! Thanks Amy 🙂                                                      



Putting Your Best Face Forward… The Final Touch Day 5 May 7, 2013

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Good Afternoon! It’s a good thing I work in a spa, otherwise, it might be a little harder to explain why my face is peeling off 🙂 I got through the da, yesterday, and was able to educate clients and staff as to the healing process my skin is going through. Very exciting, if you ask me. I went home and washed my face for the 4th time and most of the peeling is gone. The redness has subsided quite a bit and the skin that is unveiling is flawless.! 🙂 No lines, no broken capillaries, no hyperpigmentation. It’s amazing.

I’m on my way to see Dr. Haddle for the post procedure check-up. Can’t wait to hear what he says. Everyone in the office was ecstatic about the results and how quickly I’m healing. Dr. Haddle says the increased healing is due to the PRP process which he does. It stands for platelet rich plasma, which has healing and growth factors secreted from plasma cells that were taken from my own blood. He applies this after the procedure and immediately sees the redness of the skin lessen. I am truly shocked by how quickly my face has transitioned. I’m still a little shiny from the occlusive ointment. He said I can wear make-up starting Thursday, but, heck!!! Why would I do that and cover up this work of art that he has created. The fine lines, pigmentation and large pores are all but gone. Just a little flakiness left. By Thursday, I can get back to my regular skincare routine and start using my Clarisonic  (gently!). The biggest factor is protecting my skin from the sun with a good sunscreen.

Dr. Haddle also said that the effects of the laser continue to increase collagen production for 6 months. WOW!

Thanks for following along. I will post again on Thursday. We are planning a follow-up presentation with Dr. Haddle at Tranquility in July, so stay tuned for more info on the date and time. In the meantime, feel free to call Dr. Haddle’s office at 630-232-9090 for a consultation appointment. He is truly a wonderful doctor!

photo (32)



Putting Your Best Face Forward…. The Final Touch Day 4 May 6, 2013

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Sorry about missing my post yesterday. I was having computer issues and couldn’t get the pictures to download.

What a beautiful day it was! Hope you were all out there enjoying it for me. The good news is that I’ve gotten a lot of work done  these past few days.

As for my face! The peeling has begun! And so has the itching.  It is very tight after I wash it and I can’t wait to get the lotion on it. It feels like sandpaper to touch. The skin just starts coming off as I wash it and apply the cream. The skin is nice and smooth where it has peeled off.  It’s going to look great.



Putting Your Best Face Forward….The Final Touch Day 3 May 4, 2013

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photo (27) So my story is….. I just got back from spending a glorious weekend in St. Tropez! Unfortunately, I fell asleep on the beach for three days! 🙂 As you can see, that’s about what I look like right now. I am following Dr. Haddle’s instructions to the letter. Washing my face 4 times a day and applying the occlusive ointment. It is slightly tender to the touch, but nothing unbearable. Similar to how a sunburn feels after a few days. I should start to experience some peeling today and there is a little bit of itchiness and tightness to the skin. The next picture is a close up so you can see what the skin looks like. I’m not sure how it will look on your computer. I can see tiny little dots all over my face from the laser. Or it looks like I slept on a screen. It’s very interesting to see how the skin repairs itself and the healing process it goes through. Our skin is such an amazing organ that protects us from so many things. We really take it for granted. Believe me, this skin is going to be treated even better than it has been from now on!

photo (28)


Putting Your Best FaceForward….. The Final Touch Day 2 May 3, 2013

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Hello again,

Thanks again for all the great comments from my faithful followers 🙂 You guys crack me up! As you see today, I have more redness and color than yesterday. It’s definitely more red in person than this picture shows. There is absolutely no pain. It feels very tight and it’s tender to the touch like a sunburn, but there is not the burning sensation you have with a sunburn.

I have strict instructions to keep my face very clean. I have to wash it 3-4 times a day for these first few days. I apply a special ointment to keep it very moist. No make-up or other products until day 7. I will be going back to work on Monday, so if you have an appointment with me next week, you’ll get to see the real me!

So far, this has been an very easy experience. I am able to get a lot of work done and since the weather is only good for ducks, I don’t have to feel like I’m missing my wonderful long walks. photo (26)


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