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Putting Your Best Face Forward….Final Touch Day 1 May 2, 2013

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Hi Everyone,

Today was the laser resurfacing with the Co2 laser. Piece of cake!!!!!! Honestly!! At least so far anyway 🙂 I went in at 7:30 am with my driver, Sue. I had applied numbing cream this morning at 7:00.  When I got to the office, Dr. Zak was there, ready to go. He explained the anesthesia and his nurse started the IV. He is so caring and compassionate, I felt very confident and prepared. The next thing I knew I was waking up. Felt a little groggy. Sue took me home, I had some breakfast , took some advil and put two bags of peas on my face, then fell asleep. Right now, it feels like a sunburn. Thank you Dr. Haddle for all of your reassurance. You are the best!

I can’t believe I post these pictures of myself!!! Although, I figure I see all of my clients without make-up, under the magnifying lamp and after I’ve destroyed their hair with a scalp massage, so why shouldn’t I share! I hope that with me sharing my journey, it will help people understand these procedures better and not be so afraid of them.

photo (25)

Thanks for your thoughts and kind words of encouragement. See you tomorrow 🙂


Putting Your Best Face Forward….. The final touch May 1, 2013

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Hi Everyone!

Time sure flies! It’s been 3 months since my facelift! For those of you who have seen me, thank you for your care, support and compliments. I do feel great about the results. I don’t look in the mirror and focus on those saggy jowls anymore because they aren’t there! Yippee! Thank you Dr. Haddle!!

So, tomorrow, I go in for the final touch. Yes, one more very important step. The laser resurfacing. This is what Dr. Haddle calls the “paint job”. As he explains, the facelift is restoring and repositioning the structure of the house, now we have to do the finishing touches and improve the actual skin. The canvas needs buffed out and painted, so to speak. The facelift deals with the muscles and restoring the foundation, it doesn’t actually affect the skin texture. The fractionated laser treatment helps diminish fine lines, increase collagen production, minimize large pores and correct discoloration or hyperpigmentation. It also will help to blend the scars. What more could you ask for! The procedure takes about 45 minutes, but I will be under anesthesia, so I will be there for a few hours. The initial downtime is 5-7 days, where it will look and feel like a sunburn. No make-up for the first week.  I will be posting pictures again, so be prepared. I’m sure it won’t be pretty in the beginning. It sounds like I’ll be staying inside this weekend :). This is the same treatment Dr. Haddle did around my eyes during the facelift and my eyes look amazing.  After a few days it will peel and there will be new, pink, soft skin. Obviously, it will be important to stay out of the sun for the next few weeks and to where a good sunscreen. There can be redness up to 6-8 weeks due to the increased collagen production and healing process that the skin is experiencing.

Wish me luck for tomorrow. I will be sharing this experience with you again, so stay tuned.  Enjoy this beautiful day!!!



Putiing Your Best Face Forward…. 1 month! March 2, 2013

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photo (19)Hi Everyone! Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes. I am truly very blessed to have so many wonderful friends in my life.  It has been a week of celebrating AND the 1 month mark of my facelift journey! So hard to believe. And thanks to Dr. Haddle, I keep looking younger every day. HeHe!

I have been given a clean bill of health from Dr. Haddle. WooHoo! I can resume my exercise and go back to my yoga classes!!! Hurray!  I can’t wait until Monday! I don’t have to sleep elevated anymore. Everything is healing well, including the little patch behind my ear. I still have tightness and swelling in the outer perimeter of my face, especially jaw area and neck. Dr. Haddle explains that there are many stitches underneath in these areas, so that is normal. Still a slight feeling of numbness as well. But every day, I see a difference in how things feel. This week I feel as though my energy level is returning to normal.

I can color my hair next week ( a good thing since the gray was starting to give me away 🙂 ). I can also get my eyebrows permanently tattooed by Amy Hornstrom, Tranquility’s newest permanent make-up artist. I have some areas that are uneven and have wanted to have this done again, so we will show you the results of this as soon as I do it.

I am very pleased with the outcome of this journey so far. Dr. Haddle, his staff and Dr. Zak were all wonderful and I can’t say enough wonderful things about the care that I had. Keep following the progress, although I may only post once a week now. Remember to join us for Part 2 of the presentation at Tranquility on Thursday March 28 at 7 pm to see what happens next!


Putting Your Best Face Forward… 3 weeks post surgery February 21, 2013

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photo (18)

Good Morning,

It’s hard to believe that 3 weeks ago today, I was in surgery right now. It’s amazing how quickly are bodies can heal. I am doing very well. My energy level is getting back to normal. I have one more week before I can get back to my regular exercise, but I have been trying to take some short walks. There is still swelling, mainly in my neck and lower jaw area. There is, also, still some numbness around the outer perimeter of my face. I continue to massage my face and neck to stimulate the circulation. I am working very diligently to stimulate that soft tissue area behind my ear that has been a problem. Dr. Haddle is going to look at it today to see how it is healing. I’m also continuing to have my acupuncture treatments. I am having one tonight. Taking the extra steps to incorporate the holistic modalities has really shown to increase the healing. From the skin care aspect, I believe that by using the Clarisonic for the vibrational stimulation has helped immensely and using natural products with anti-oxidant benefits has also been helpful in keeping my skin in great condition.

I have to say, I am very excited and pleased with the results so far! From what I’m told, it will continue to get better. The best comment has been that I still look like Bev Miller. I think that’s what people were afraid of. We see the “Hollywood” facelift and think that’s the reality, but the truth is, we should still look like ourselves, only better! 🙂

We will be having our Part 2 presentation on Thursday, March 28 @ 7pm. So mark your calendars. Dr. Haddle will be explaining the entire process and we will be answering ALL your questions in detail. It will be a great event. I look forward to seeing you then. Until then, I will keep posting my progress.


Putting Your Best Face Forward….Day 17 February 18, 2013

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photo (17)Happy Monday!

It was a great weekend. I’m feeling more like myself everyday and gaining more energy. I ended the week by attending Tranquility’s Singing Bowl Meditation on Saturday evening. It was so relaxing and healing. Yolanda does a wonderful job at taking you away to another place. Then I went home and did a salt bath like she suggested and slept like a  baby. Sunday  I went on another glorious walk. I’m really listening to my body and taking care of myself the way we all should. I hope I can continue this as my life gets back to “normal” !!

I am having a little healing issue that is very common. I have a small area behind my right ear and above my left ear that has some soft tissue loss. It can happen because of the lack of blood supply to the area because of all the swelling I experienced. We are giving those areas a little more TLC and Dr. Haddle feels it will be healed in another week. I am doing a lot of massage on my face twice a day to increase the circulation. It feels so good to get those areas moving. Dr. Sterling is also treating the areas with acupuncture. I have seen a big difference with that.

Off to work. I will check in later this week to show you the progress. Thanks to everyone for all the well wishes and encouragement.


Putting Your Best Face Forward…. Day 14 February 15, 2013

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It’s hard to believe that 2 weeks ago I was just getting home to recover from surgery. The weeks have flown by and the recovery has been quite amazing. It’s been a journey filled with happiness, love, wonderful friends and clients carrying about me, and strength.

Each day I watch my face come closer to looking and feeling like it’s mine again. I still have numbness and swelling along my neck and jaw line and around my cheekbones. Dr. Haddle explains that the cheekbone area is the last to go down. I still have tightness in my neck, so I don’t have complete range of motion, but it’s getting there. This morning I did a few seated yoga stretches to get myself moving. I do miss my yoga classes so much. Then, I went for my very first walk!!! WOOHOO!!! Green smoothie in hand. It was glorious! 45 minutes of pure bliss and nature! It felt so good to be outside in the fresh air and sun! Yes, I slathered my sunscreen on 🙂

photo (15)

I also had my acupuncture treatment this week and will have another one tomorrow. I really think it has helped the bruising go down. I will probably start posting 1-2 times a week now. Dr. Haddle and I are working on a date for the Part 2 presentation, so you can see the new me in person and ask all your questions about my journey. Look for updates on date and time for this event. Until then, I will continue to keep you posted on the blog.


Putting Your Best Face Forward….Day 12 February 13, 2013

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Hi Everyone,

Sorry I left everyone hanging yesterday. I went home, ate some dinner and relaxed. I was really tired from the last 2 days of work and decided I needed to take everyone’s advice and rest. I was in bed by 9:30 and slept until 8 am this morning. 🙂 Boy, did that feel good.

So hear I am, ready for day 3 of work. Thank you to all my wonderful clients who are so caring and understanding. And to all the Tranquility girls for helping me out and supporting me through this. I am getting more feeling back in my face all the time. The swelling keeps going down and I look more like myself everyday. Except, without the saggy jowls and turkey neck!!!!! YAY! As you can see from the picture, there is still swelling around my eyes, cheekbones and jaw. It feels tight when I smile. I am doing lots of facial exercises and massaging my face a couple times a day. Dr. Haddle gave me permission to start using my Clarisonic. Yay! The ultrasonic vibration from it will help stimulate the tissue and circulation. I used it last night and it felt so nice.

photo (14)

So off to work I go. I have another acupuncture appointment tonight. Great way to end the day. See you all soon.

PS: Paleo pudding is outstanding! Check out the recipe that Dr. Emily posted. Everything she has made has been wonderful. I don’t mind being the food guinea pig at all!!!! 🙂


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